This is a definitive My Apron login guide for Home Depot (THD) employees who are having difficulty accessing their Home Depot ESS (Employee Self-Service) accounts from home and business.


As a security precaution, access to the portal is only possible from the branch of the company’s network. To access the My Apron portal from home, you must visit www.MyTHDR.com and access the team’s website.


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Home Depot Self-Service Login Guide

The following steps will guide you through successful registration at The Home Depot Portal. So make sure you don’t follow any steps and pay close attention to the steps.

  • First, use this URL to open Home Depot’s official My Apron website: https://hdapps.homedepot.com/ESSSecurity
  • Home Depot self-service login
  • Clicking on the link opens the previous page.
  • As you can see in the image, enter your User ID and Password in the blank space provided
  • After entering both, just click the login button to access the web application.
  • So, just follow the steps below and proceed. It doesn’t take long to log into your account.


Now let’s see the Home Depot business hours login procedure

Login Requirements For Home Depot Employees

Find everything from pay stubs to vacation requests anytime with The Home Depot’s employee self-service login portal. Before logging into the Home Depot Employee Portal, you must:

  • A smartphone and a PC.
  • Internet connection.
  • User ID and password for self-service validation.
  • URL of Home Depot employee login page.
  • The Home Depot Employee Self-Service Enrollment Guide

To view and edit some of your affiliate information, you must carefully access the current affiliate login page at www.mythdhr.com/ESS.html using a busy user ID and password. Once you have reached this stage, follow the instructions provided to complete the registration process.

  • First, search for https://www.mythdhr.com/ESS.html in an appropriate web browser.
  • On this home page, you will see “Current Employee, click here to join” at the bottom of the page.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over this text and press this clickable text.
  • Then select the location, enter your user ID and password and click Connect.

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